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Salary Structure

There are three Levels per role in the business, except for Head Of + Director roles which have five. Levels reflect both Salary & Skill (because they’re intrinsically linked) and are evaluated using the Progression Framework at Performance Reviews.

You can start any role on any level when you join the agency or start a new role and you can skip levels at each annual salary review if your performance warrants it.

Why do we have a Progression Framework?

Our progression framework is a tool to help everyone evaluate their performance and Level in a consistent, fair, and scalable way. It’s there to give everyone in the business an understanding and outline of how they should be performing at each Level in their role (& beyond.)

We’ve purposefully avoided very prescriptive deliverables because not only is it near impossible to cover every deliverable in every Level or every role, but it would quickly become outdated given how regularly our roles develop; a byproduct of a changing industry and growing business!

Our Progression Framework should:

Ultimately, it’s there to ensure Born Social takes a fair, transparent, and consistent approach to performance and pay.

How does the Progression Framework work?